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We recommend you come in for free consultation so a therapist can look at your skin and advise a treatment. We also have some excellent home care products which you can purchase from reception to continue a good routine at home.

Our Essential facial includes a full skin analysis and extraction along with customized treatment and care for your individual needs.

Absolutely! The Mane I team is always available to provide service options to help its valued guests adhere to a “beauty budget.”

Usually 3-4 weeks depending on how quickly or slowly your hair grows. Usually hair grows slower in winter months and faster in the summer months (so you would need to come in more frequently.)

Make sure that you do not sunbathe, exfoliate (with scrubs or acids), or go to the gym for about 24 hours after waxing. Also, do not use anything on your waxed skin that contains artificial colors or fragrances as they may irritate or infect your skin. If any wax residue remains on your skin it can be gently washed off with soap and water. Do not scrub. Any gentle body oil would also work.

To prevent burning or discoloration of your skin you must allow at least 24 hours after a wax service before going into the sun. The topmost layer of dead skin that protects skin from burning rays of the sun is removed during waxing.

Plan on 30 minutes for a manicure and 30-45 minutes for a pedicure…and then figure in some drying time!

After your treatment, you will need to wait for 72 hours before getting your hair wet in the shower or swimming pool. This waiting period gives the keratin formula time to be fully absorbed into your hair for long-lasting results. You will also need to avoid pulling your hair back into a ponytail, wearing a hat, or using clips for the first 3 days as these items can leave an impression. If your hair does accidentally become wet during the 3 day waiting period, blow dries it as soon as possible and then use a flat iron on medium to low heat to smooth it.

After 72 hours, you may shampoo your hair. It is VERY important to use a sodium chloride-free shampoo which will not strip keratin from the hair. At your visit, our stylists will share with you the appropriate cleansing, conditioning, and styling products to keep your hair looking smooth and beautiful in the months ahead.

We stand behind our services and want you to be happy with your color and cut. Let us know within the week of your initial service if there are any issues and we will work with you to correct it. Colors will be adjusted by your stylist to fit the result agreed upon during the initial consultation. Hair cuts will be adjusted by your stylist to the needs of your hair. We do not give cash refunds, but are happy to work with you so you can love your hair. We appreciate feedback and always want you to look and feel your best.

After receiving a beautiful hair color service, it only makes sense to preserve it. We recommend the ph-balanced shampoos and conditioners available in our salon.

Rule of thumb: the colder the water you use on your hair, the longer it will last and more vibrant your color will stay. Using hot water on delicate colors causes them to fade quickly or turn warmer tones- regardless of what color line utilized.

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